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Concours Paint Correction


This detail is designed to correct major paint defects and maximise the visual appeal of bodywork, and is recommended for poorly maintained vehicles of all ages that have acquired heavy swirl marks and light scratches over time. Includes  a multi stage machine polishing process, which removes a small percentage of the uppermost layer of paint on the car and reveals a fresh layer of unblemished paint beneath, even on Ceramic Clear Coats that are designed to be a scratch resistant Clear.

We can usually guarantee correction of  95% of paint defects present, although total paint thickness and defect severity are sometimes limiting factors. By restoring the condition of the bodywork to near perfect condition, the high cost of this detail is usually largely offset by the positive effect on the residual value of the vehicle in question.

The entire procedure typically takes between 3-40 hours (depending on the size of the vehicle being treated) necessitating that the work is spread over one to five full days, although large estate cars and 4×4 vehicles may have to remain an extra day in some cases.  


What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is a process of abrasively polishing or evening out the clear coat to remove layers of paint generally 1-2 microns (your paint is generally 120-180 microns). In most cases, scratches, swirl marks, buffer marks, micro-marring, and holograms are entirely removed from the paint surface, this includes newer Ceramic Clears used and previously applied Ceramic Sealants.

This also restores dull or faded paintwork to its original glory, as light can be perfectly reflected from this newly un-oxidised and re-levelled surface, before any polishes, cleansers and waxes are applied. Customers who have experienced this service often compare its effect to a full respray – at a fraction of the cost and inconvenience. And some have even said that the paintwork looks better than when it was delivered from showroom floor.


Paint Correction vs Cut & Polishing.

Cut & Polishing rids defects of up to 75%. With Coarse Compounds still acting the same way as Cut & Polishing, Paint Correcting combines the techniques, equipment and Polishes to Increase defect removal of up to 95%.

Bringing out lights which we will correct your car under 3000 Lumen LED lights to ensure a maximum paint correction.

Technology has also changed the face of Cut & Polishing as traditional methods of Cut & Polishing really refers to the conventional Flat Colours and Acrylic 2 Pak Paints. As Cars get more sophisticated, so do their clear coats, and with many different types of makes and models, you should choose a company that has the experience in handling all types of Paintwork.



This service is provided on a one-to-one basis, to help you decide the level of application your car requires or to assess the standard of your car’s paintwork. New cars, for example, can be inspected for paint defects before collection.

On arrival, the following schedule will apply:

  1. Digital Paintwork Readings

    Paint levels will be measured in microns, Daniel will also confirm what techniques will be required to remove any paint/clear coat defects. At this point, you can find out if panels have been resprayed.

  2. Panel Test

    As part of the Detail demonstration, a panel of the car, usually one the bonnet, will be washed down, decontaminated, corrected to see result of expectations.

  3. In-depth Consultation

    An explanation of paintwork preparation, rejuvenation and protection techniques, with a review of further treatments such as interior care. A guide to cleaning your vehicle(s) correctly will follow, to ensure that you do not introduce light scratches or swirl marks once the paintwork has been corrected.

    The Ultimate Detailer is Happy to meet you to discuss your Detail and show you a 50/50 Demonstration to show you the expected outcome. Process usually Takes 1 Hour at $80.00 (GST inclusive)


Ultimate Ultra Paint Restoration + Paint Protection

3-4 Stages of Pure Paint Correction/Restoration 

Highly recommended for a true and correct paint restoration procedure that will remove heavy swirl mark scratches, large scuff marks, blemishes, deeper hologram and swirl-marks, and overall neglected paintwork. It is what stage 3 offers but also includes wet-sanding, a technique that involves a very light/soft abrasion method of fine like sandpaper that cuts back to deeper scratches and defects. This Package ensures 95% of defects are diminished & exceeds a finish that, of a new car. A 1 Day detail+. Prices vary from make/model/year. This package includes: 

  • High pressure rinse followed by a Foam lance to Pre-soak exterior to loosen grime/contaminants
  • Remove bug & tar spots, clean exhaust tips
  • Car is washed with pH neutral shampoo including door jambs, wheel guards
  • Wheels/rims are cleaned with pH neutral shampoo
  • Exterior is decontaminated by a claybar which will leave the exterior surface feeling smooth as glass. 
  • Paintwork is measured by a EPTG to ensure there is sufficient levels of clear coat thickness 
  • Paintwork is corrected under 3000 LUMEN LED Lights to ensure a Perfect Finish
  • 3-4 Stages of Paint Restoration/correction techniques (Cut & Polishing) to level clear coat of deeper & heavy swirls marks, superficial surface clear coat scratches, heavy holograms caused by in-experienced detailers and paint defects such as watermarks, bird/tree sap &  paint blemishes leaving a Mirror finish (does not correct peeled/bubbled clear coats)
  • Wet-sanding techniques are applied to surface to rid deeper scratches 
  • Final Stage Polish (Compounds and Polishes contains no Fillers, Waxes or Silicones)
  • IPA Wipedown – exterior is completely wiped down of any residues/polish 
  • Exterior plastics, rubbers and tyres are cleaned, conditioned & rejuvenated
  • Pomponazzi applied Includes a Lifetime warranty Paint Protection by Pomponazzi
  • Optional***** Wheels & Exterior Glass Coated


Small hatch back/small sports from $780.00
Medium hatch back/small sedan/regular sports from $840.00
large sedan/sports/compact SUV/4WD from $980.00
Large SUV/4WD from $1080.00

Online Enquiry or simply call 0405 662 881



Ultimate Concours Paint Correction Detail

98% Paint Defect Correction – Recommended for European Clear Coats – Estimated time 3 Day +

  • Thorough High Pressure Rinse
  • We start out by using a water foaming wash procedure to safely remove all traces of loose dirt and grime from the bodywork, shuts, wheels and arches.
  • Wheels are fully removed with a thorough clean throughout the whole wheel/rim
  • Exterior Body Swirl Safe Wash Mitten with Ph Neutral Shampoo
  • We then chemically treat and clay the paint and exterior glass to remove any bonded surface contaminants such as tar spots and tree sap, which leaves these surfaces feeling perfectly smooth.
  • After drying, we then pat down the car with 100% Cotton Deep Pile Towels
  • The bodywork is then carefully polished by machine using a selection of coarse cutting compounds and ultra fine finishing polishes, in order to correct major paint defects and maximise surface gloss in readiness for protection.
  • Typically we can go anywhere from 1 Stage – 8 Stages of Paintwork Correction (Will Be Inspected on Consultation)
  • Spot/Dry Wet Sanding areas to remove deeper scratches and defects.
  • Compounds and Polishes contain no Fillers, Silicone, Waxes or Ammonia.
  • Layers of Coatings or Paint Protection is applied Paint Protection Ceramic Layering
  • Vacuum full interior including boot & all compartments
  • Detailing of gauges, vents, gear console including pedals, visors and pillars
  • Carpets and upholstery pre-spotted then treated to a gentle shampoo
  • Cracks, crevices &hard to reach areas are cleaned with a air-steam gun
  • Interior, rubber seals & plastics are cleaned, prepped & rejuvenated
  • Exterior plastics, rubbers and tyres are cleaned, conditioned & rejuvenated
  • Interior & exterior glass, vanity mirrors are cleaned
  • We then complete the exterior detail by sealing the wheels and glass, dressing the tyres, trims, and polishing the exhaust tips.
  • Leather Feeding, Part of the Interior Detailing service, but can be specified separately. The leather is cleaned before being fed with a nutritive cream that protects and softens the hide.




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